Shooting Stars (1,000 Points)
Cranberry Boys
Franklin Boys
* through games of 1.8.22
Oil City Boys

*****  McFall scored 830 points for Oil City from his sophomore through senior years. He also scored 267 points as a ninth-grader at Christian Life Academy, a non-PIAA team. Since he undoubtedly was playing against some older kids, this site thought he deserved the mention here.

* VC-Oil City combined

Lists, with the exception of Oil City, came from the Erie Times News (Franklin and Rocky Grove) and (Cranberry and Venango Catholic). This site figured out those who have reached 1,000 points since 2015.

Rocky Grove Boys
St. Joe Boys

**** Record is probably short a game or two.

Venango Catholic Boys
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Oil City Girls
Rocky Grove Girls
Venango Catholic Girls