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A Face in the Crowd
Feb. 7, 1977 issue of S.I.
Erickson Faces (2).jpg

Mike Emick sat out 5:30 of the game in which he scored 56 points against Rocky Grove.

Venango Catholic's Mark Garbacz was credited with a 55-rebound game during the 1969-70 season. 

Anecdote about Bridget Hale's 46-point game for Oil City. Coach Peg McDougal took her out with three minutes left, and afterward contacted former OCHS coach Rick Fletcher only to be told the school record was Trish Erickson's 48!

Meadville's 62-game winning streak at the House of Thrills went down the drain at the hands of Franklin on Feb. 3, 1970. Bob Witherup scored 34 points, making all 14 of his free throws, in the 66-61 victory.