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Andrew Burda J.T. Stahlman Cameron Russell

They made
their points!

This is quite the trio, here, as Venango Catholic's Andrew Burda confronts  (so to speak) Cranberry's Cameron Russell and J.T. Stahlman in a 2019 game. Burda is the last Venango County player to score more than 50 points in a game, hitting 52 on Jan. 25, 2021, vs. Forest Area. He also reached the 1,000 points milestone that night.  Russell and Stahlman were best known for their roles on Oil City's three-time District 10 championship football teams. (Photo by Richard Sayer).

Venango County's 2,000 point scorers
(all girls)
Carrie Mason_edited.jpg

Three players in Venango County history have scored 2,000 points in their careers, and they are all girls who played Division I basketball in college. From left: Carrie Mason of Cranberry, (2,335) Hillary Hager of Franklin (2,299) and Susan Blasuer of Cranberry (2,385).

Susan Blauser.jpg

Rocky Grove's Dylan Gravatt is Venango County's top scorer among boys with 1,904 points.

Trish Erickson
Dave Lynch
Mike Emick

Oil City's Trish Erickson made "Faces in the Crowd" in Sports Illustrated after scoring a school and county record 48 points in the fall of 1976. Dave Lynch of VC (left) holds the boys county record for most points in a season with 749. (Blauser holds the girls mark with 807). Mike Emick of Oil City has the county single-game record with 56 points in 1971.

Venango County
scoring records

Career Points

Boys -- 1,904, Dylan Gravatt, Rocky Grove, 2010

Girls -- 2,385, Susan Blauser, Cranberry, 1995

Points in a Season

Boys -- 798, Dave Lynch, Venango Christian, 1968

Girls -- 807, Susan Blauser, Cranberry, 1994

Points in a Game

Boys -- 56, Mike Emick, Oil City, 1971

Girls -- 48, Trish Erickson, Oil City, (fall of) 1976

School Scoring Records
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